Tuesday, 10 April 2012

This is a test of the emergency memory system... It was the "WKRP in Cincinnatti" TV show opening moment. Can anyone identify the type of car?

Mark got it as an MGB

It it is a MGB. I got the TV show right away, but because it started in 1978 I guessed cars from that era and my first (very uncertain) guess was a Fiat Spyder. Then, after exchanging e-mails with Jesse, I started thinking that maybe the car was a lot older than the series. I went straight to British Leyland and thought any Triumph (including the Spitfire) from the TR4 to the TR6 because I knew that they came with a wooden dash. I even suggested a Midget or Sprite, but frankly I have never seen an MGB with a wooden dash so I discounted it. I was wrong. There are plenty of MGBs with such dashes on the net. Jesse was, I think jokingly, peeved when I got the show. He said he made the clue too easy, but I don’t know how many others came up with the answer. MWindham


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