Sunday, 22 April 2012

In the staging lanes at the LVMS, during Mopars at the Strip

 Awesome headlights

 Plexiglass over the grill to get rid of the parachute effect, cowl induction to make use of the high pressure area in front of the windshield. Doing what works best, not what Chrysler engineers and designers had to do to get cars made

 This is a Charger. Not the Dukes of Hazzard one we all are too aware of, this is the Shelby variety. Shelby never worked with Mopar in the musclecar era, he waited til the late 80's and the Turbo era

 The above is the inspiration for so many people to airbrush rivets and aluminum panels onto their cars, but the above... it's the real deal fuel door and super big wing. Park bench size for Pete's sake. You could use it for having lunch on between rounds down the dragstrip. I love this hobby, Mopars, and drag racing. This car really puts it all in one. You could find nirvana on the exhaust fumes from the Sunoco 110 alone.


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