Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mi Rancho Grande painted by Darryl Hollenbeck at Vintage Color Studio, wow.

The 59 Ranch wagon we had about 1200 total hours, with 150-200 in just paint work, door jams, under doors, tailgate, under hood, and yes it was my first panel job, but something I had wanted to try for awhile. I had done some blended job Back in the Acme days for Johnny D & Rick Dore.

Vintage Color Studios has had a website, but it isn't working, and I'd rather they focus on awesome paint jobs instead anyway! Looks like their myspace isn't active either:


Xtreme Restorations from Rhode Island brought the 59 Cadillac, and showed the best use of mixed colors (IMHO)

Go over to their website and be impressed ;


1936 Auburn roadster of Victor Cacho is a beaut

Compare this to James Hetfield's 36 Auburn speedster: I like them both, and if you wanted the ultimate, you'd combine them and make one better than wither


Gene Winfield's shop truck (restored)

To see the whole before and as found, check out the HAMB thread:


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