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Mickey Thompson, mechanical genius, has anyone else ever tried to put the intake and exhaust on the same side of a big block head?

Wow. Found in Hot Rod Delux... if you aren't getting every episode, you're wasting time, and making a mistake


1948 Healey woodie on Bring A Trailer, amazing before and after comparison



Norm Grabowski had a bit part in "Sex Kittens Go To College" skip the first 3 min 30 seconds.... it's useless


Flamed, lettered, and pinstriped by the master. Von Dutch

Both the tow rig and the car were fortunate to get the works from Von Dutch

Here is the look you are familiar with. Nice, very nice, but not a Von Dutch flame or pinstripe to be found


Oldest surviving dragster, and it was the first to 140mph, Art Chrisman's "the 25 car"

This was racing on the lakes 80 years ago. Sheesh.
Photos from

Generally acknowledged as the oldest surviving hot rod in existence, this historic vehicle dates back to the Muroc dry lakes competition of the 1930s. It has had just about every engine under the hood, from a Model T four-banger to an injected Chrysler Hemi.

After the car's wheelbase was stretched from its original dry lakes configuration, Art Chrisman used it to record the first quarter-mile clocking in excess of 140 mph, in Santa Ana, Calif., in 1953, and it made the first run down the track in Great Bend, Kan., during the ribbon cutting for the inaugural NHRA Nationals in 1955.

Chrisman had retired the car from competition in 1957, when he constructed his Hustler dragster, but painstakingly restored it to its original running condition.

Info from


License plates buried behind a dealership in 1929 just unearthed

A plumbing company excavating the former site of a Packard dealership in Santa Ana recently dug up about 50 matched pairs of license plates, some sequential numbers. Leftovers that didn't get registered that year? Shady business from the loading dock? We'll never know.

Found in Hot Rod Delux magazine. Awesome magazine


That scream you just heard? New Camaro owner or Camaro fanatic who saw what was done to this new Camaro, deliberately.

Found on

who found it on Jalopnik who had this article from Justin Hyde:

There are hot rods. There are rat rods. Then there's this: A new Camaro SS that's been speed-rusted and deglossed into junkyard condition while getting a 1,000-hp supercharged engine — and it only cost $150,000.
Long Island hot rodders Dave Sherer and Anthony Musilli often show off their well-restored rides during Hot Rod magazine's annual Power Tour. For this year tour with the 2010 Camaro's owner Bill Rombauts, Sherer said they wanted something no one would expect.

"Because no one else has the balls to do it," Sherer told Jalopnik. "Everyone else is making them clean."

The exterior took about a week of non-stop labor to transform from showcar state to Craigslist concours. Beyond just grinding off paint, the team rubbed salt on the open metal to speed rust, repainted and sanded some areas for better colors, and kicked dents into the trim for that put-away-wet look. The hood is slightly misaligned, the badges are off and the grille's broken.


Funniest name for a car club


senile men obnoxiously konkocting early racing stories- they host a US Food and Gas Championship March meet the Sunday before the Famoso March Meet


The American Graffitti website, by the makers of the best clone... this site covers everything about the movie

for all the publicity stills, magazine articles, and car shows with Milner's Duece:


Beemer with the sharks grin

found on


1912 Regal Underslung


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5th wheel trailers for 1930's cars


scrap drive for the war effort and the amusement park junkyard

pedal cars in a WW2 scrap metal drive.


photos found at a car show

Tires sold that got over a thousand miles made it to the wall of fame... doesn't that say a lot about the short life span expectancy of tires in the 1930's
T C Ryan flying school in San Diego, Howard Hughes on the far left
Must have been great at parades

1936's getting stuffed into a boxcar for delivery
The Marx brothers
Amelia Earhart

17 were made, company founder Gary Davis served out a two year sentence for grand theft and fraud in North County Correctional Facility near Castaic, California. Built in Van Nuys, most were powered by four cylinder Continental engines, although at least one was fitted with a Ford V8-60.


miniature model diorama from May, in Madrid... incredible detail

to see the ingenuity step by step of assembling this:


cars from the 1920's at the Nethercutt Museum, Lincoln, Minerva, Kissel, Kenworthy, Franklin and Lafayette


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