Sunday, 10 June 2012

What does a Lexus need 4 exhaust tips for? They look odd

I was curious enough to look it up.. it's got 4 exhaust tips so people won't feel foolish for paying 62 thousand dollars for a 4 door Toyota instead of a Corvette.

5 liters, 11.8 to 1 compression is going to require the highest octane you can buy, no skimping with 89 or 87.
Top speed 170mph, 8 speed paddle shifted transmission, 3700 pouinds, and 416hp, 371 torque ft pounds.

It's got 2wice as many gears in the trans, goes twice as fast, has twice ans many exhaust tips, but has the same power and torque as my 1969 R/T. It costs about the same, but my R/T isn't depreciating. And the exhaust looks weird. 


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