Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ever see a "Red Ram" decal on a 1957 Dodge station wagon tailgate? Here is a slide that Bill found

anyone ever see a little ram decal in the lower left corner of a tailgate like this one?

Well, it's got a story, and thanks to Jeff at we all get to learn a bit of trivia, because Jeff saw the dealership decal above the license plate, and looked up the Sarchione Auto Sales of Ohio, and the company has remained in the family and they were happy to see this photo, and share the info about it with Jeff who filled me in.

The dealer has been around since 1917, and he said that they started attaching those red Ram logos to their cars from 1957 until sometime in the 60's. He said it was to signify the Dodge "Red Ram" Hemi engines. It wasn't clear whether these logos got attached to every car, or just the ones equipped with that engine.

 In fact, when they started using the decals, Dodge wasn't too happy about it regarding copyright infringement, but it was settled in a friendly manner and they continued using them. 


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