Tuesday, 5 June 2012

1926 Scott, restored and lettered by Von Dutch, and bought by Steve McQueen, it was one of 6 bikes at the Steve McQueen car show this weekend, but in my view, the coolest vehicle there

telescoping front forks, a v twin 2 stroke engine, and liquid cooled engines... in 1929. That's a bit ahead of the competition for 1929.

 The company was a winner in the 1914 Isle of Man race. That's highly reputable!

 The bike gets restored and eventually purchased by Steve McQueen.  He gave it back to the restorer and pinstriper of the bike, Kenny Howard aka Von Dutch.

I didn't even notice when I took these photos, but there is pinstriping around most of the body lines or panel edges... they are that perfect, subtle, and unobtrusive.

Why so many photos? I want to ensure you are looking at the best I can do to make this the most thorough photo gallery of this bike anywhere. 


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