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Miner Threat A/FX 426 wedge


A hood scoop on top of a hood scoop, remind anyone of the Jeff Foxworthy redneck joke about tv sets?

 whatever the Ford equivalent of the Mercury Comet Cylcone was, this is it. Fairlane I suppose


Super Gas 440 Barracuda, with a wicked little monster hidden in the grill airbrushing


For every object, there is a collector... this guy is hooked on vintage street lights

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Joe Maurath's collection focuses on streetlights and insulators, but he's also got high voltage signs, switches, and police call boxes. Movie companies rent them from time to time to use in period films.  and click on My Collection (5th link on the left down) but the photos are small and about useless to see the collection. A few photos of sinle lights are allright. 


Ho-Tyes from San Gabriel Valley (SGV) gasser was at the Mopars at the Strip 2012 event, great paint work on the side panels

 I love the con rods used as fuel tank brackets. That is bitchin

 late 1960's early 1970's paintwork I think, awesome style and paint fades. Makes me miss the 1970's!
 the outlined panel pinstriping, wasn't that a cool touch!?! for the website of this car club
If anyone knows what the hell Ho-tyes means, I'd like to know


Monowheel circa 1952, photos by Dean Loomis. WW2 was just over, and anything was possible

These were all photographed for Life magazine, as this was being prepped to get to a motorshow in 1952. Sleuths who try to figure out where, would need to look for a Bob's Speedo Service and a Hancock gas station in 1952.

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The monowheels in Men In Black 3 look a lot like this one


Pouncing Poncho, A/FX drag racer was at the Mopars at the Strip 2012 event

 love the mooneyes decals


New Cafe Racer Society blogspot always has cool stuff, here's just a sample of recent posts

 this guy above should be given a medal for being an inspiration to make the thing you want when no one sells one. Take a Vespa, use it to power a watercraft. Brilliant, and fuel efficient I bet. When you get to the otherside of the water, dismount the scooter and use it to get around, then return to find no one has stolen your watercraft cause no one can figure out how!
 how to make an innertube tire, and why

 Above: in the words of Jack Benny "Now that's just silly"

 Awesome useful art

"damn" and "it". My hat is off to it's creative maker!

For a lot more cool motorcycle related stuff:


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