Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dan is thrashing his 68 Road Runner around courses and events like the Optima Battery Invitational, Power Tour and Drag Week...! An inspiration to all us Mopar B Body owners. He is even on a T-Shirt!

This is a 1968 Road Runner. With only a 383. Not a hemi, not a supercharger, not turbo'd.

This is Dan. Not a millionaire, not a tv show host. A Marine Corp vet, Mopar guy, and a lucky guy who chose to race his Road Runner at the right time, and with the right parts support, and made some really smart choices. He went with Hotchkis suspension just as they needed to test some parts on a B Body Mopar. The rest, is the history he makes.

And these goofy slipper things drive Mike nuts. That's why I posted this picture. Hi Mike!
This is Dan's car on a T-Shirt. That is cool.
Here is Dan on a  29.4 second run. That is very cool.

Dan as invited to bring his Road Runner to SEMA in 2011
Races at Goodguys events
Magazine coverage even! and a feature in Car Craft:

And it was not the first time I'd met him, that was at the weekly Escondido Friday night cruise and that photo is at the end of the post of his car at SEMA, but the first time I'd seen him racing his Road Runner:
See all the brake dust? It's the grey stuff everywhere on the rim.
These are what happens to brake pads when you run this hard. These are new, I would guess with a days worth of fun.

Ed Hanson's reputation in San Diego..., well it's the best. 


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