Tuesday, 24 April 2012

the wide variety of cool car stuff I found on The Kevin Chen .

 the above is incredible timing by the photographer. Astonishing.
 Wow. Has training wheels, cause it weighs so much you ain't gonna be able to pick it up when it falls over
 all righty. This is the most overkill of the flying tigers motif, but I like it, it works.
 Dead on. Nailed it.

 If you wonder why the above is interesting, look at a Veyron
 1962 Indianapolis car of Lesovsky

 Photoshopped, but bitchin
 cause yes, smoking is deadly, but still looks cool

 The reason the engine is displayed, is the photo on the wall behind it, of the racing boat
 this looks like fun actually

 yeah, the bike takes a second to work out... but it's revolutionary.
 Soooo happy days
 Solex motor scooter coverted to hubless rims... now that is a lot of time on an inventors hands.

 Not photoshopped.... but unreal. I don't have answers, just freaky photos
 Oklahoma state troopers seized this Busa, then said screw it, we need to see how long it takes for a cop to kill himself on it. Seriously you morons, it's a 200 mph suicide machine... you have radios, lots of cops for back up, and probably even telephones, and helicopters. You don't need to chase the bad guys at 200mph. Or even at 100mph. Use your brains while their inside the helmet, not splattered on the back of a semi trailer

 Yup, if the town has a name, that name in front of the word "Police" is going to sound funny to everyone who doesn't live there
 Ride the goat.
 Steve McQueen's Siata interior, and Tag Heuers
ummm, rubbbing is racing even when it's not at a Nascar event?

All from the very enormous diversity and eminently enjoyable


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