Sunday, 17 June 2012

It's not too late to get to the LA Roadster show at the Pomona Fairplex... here is a quick preview of the surprises in store for you there

 rows of roadsters in the cool shady areas between the buildings

 battle birds in the cacklefest area

 or maybe you are looking to see what car club plaques are there, and get an idea for your club
 or you might want to get inpiration on a pinstripe for your trunk lid

 maybe you're tired of having a contemporary dash... and want an instrument panel that stands out
 to match an outstanding new upholstery idea

 if you need some flame jobs to get a new idea for your hot rod there are dozens to look at and compare
 all colors of flames on all colors of cars
 thin flames or fat and wavy

 or you have some need to change your so-so everyday old vehicles that are sitting int he back yard into something extraordinary, and need some ideas what you can make

 white wall your semi, and add scallops
 drop the dualie and stand out at the car cruises
 get shiny
 take a stripped down Helms bakery truck and made a hot rod
 or create a cool trailer for your cool car
 even Volvos can get hot rodded

 watch out for young hooligans who challenge others to wheel chair races in the parking lot or swap meet

 or check out the LA Roadster show to see what cool new projects are getting their public debut

 or head inside when you get enough sun and see what the pro's are up to at the Walden Speed Shop
 or Steve's Auto Restorations

 look at the prices and bring lotsa cash... the cost of doing business as a vendor must be hefty to charge about 5 bucks more at a fairground than at Costco. If you can't see the prices in the below photo, click on it for full size, or take a 10 dollar bill for anything on the menu

 if you've been thinking of what to get your dad for Father's day, or to get yourself because the office or garage needs something

 and maybe the walls could use a piece of art

 these wooden cars are fantastic, and your work area or desk would be less boring with one to look at

 and you ought to see the latest that BOMONSTER has created to amuse and entertain

 shake hands with the greats! Tom Medly, Don Montgomery, and Ron Covell

 and say Hello! To Laura at the Hagerty booth, they can get your info and give you a quote to compare prices with other classic car insurance companies... but the support Hagerty gives the auto hobby is far beyond what any other car insurance company does.

 keep your kids off the race cars! Have them sit in the Glide Engineering seats, buckets and benches... Test them out!
all happening on Sunday June 17th, or every Fathers Day weekend if you can't make it this year, and will do it next year... in Pomona, just North of Los Angeles, about 4 miles East of the 57 where it intersects with the 10, and take White Street exit, go about 4 miles northwest, and park int he BIG fairgrounds parking lots. Those cost 10 bucks


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Northrup's flying wing bomber (the XB-35)

Northrop's Flying Wing Bomber known as the XB-35 in flight in 1946. The XB-35 was an experimental heavy bomber developed for the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II. The project was terminated shortly after the war, due to its technical difficulties. (AP Photo)  via  thanks Mike!


post WW2 photo of Tokyo citizens using war damaged buses for temporary living residences

Disabled buses that have littered the streets of Tokyo are used to help relieve the acute housing shortage in the Japanese capital on October 2, 1946. Homeless Japanese who hauled the buses into a vacant lot are converting them into homes for their families. (AP Photo/Charles Gorry) via  thanks Mike!


Prada uses classic cars in this ad for it's clothes... it has a good variety... but should have chosen better looking women, I saw 5 today alone that would put these models out of business

thanks Aaron!

 It's not surprising that fashion clothing for women uses classic cars, hot rods, or dragsters for advertising, it goes back to at least the 1960's and a one page Dodge Dart ad


Friday, 15 June 2012

the tank bike, a 1943 NSU Kettenkrad that drove to the Lyon Air Musuem


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