Sunday, 31 July 2011

1919 Harley Davidson registration and cautionary page about stolen Harleys


a 1917 car insurance pamphlet excerpts

 the above has some offensive, bizarre, and obsolete info to offer as advice. Put on bumpers? Leave the lights on when parked at night?


Couple interesting photos from formicarius.tumblr

John Bonham
see more variety of bizarre and random mad photos at


Olelongrooffan has been posting a lot, both coverage of Nascar and LeMons

the new looks of Nascar, from John's post about the Nascar Coca Zero 400

and to look at the LeMons because the cars are hilaroius to look at, and John has a lot of terrific photos of them
so enjoy John's blog, you'll probably recognize it, I've been recommending it for years


Idea to ponder... variable speed limits

So it kids are around, they already have signs that tell you that you must slow to some stupid crawl speed... and if you are doomed to travel through a reputed construction zone (and we all know you'll never see any construction going on at least 1/2 the time)

So since they already have variable speed limits when it works against us, I propose that we vote in variable speed limits that make sense and that we will enjoy...

90 mph on interstates at night, there isn't any traffic, there aren't any kids wandering onto them.
highways should go from 55 to 80 at night
city streets from 35 to 55 at night


traveling Camel cigarette salesmen in 1935


Steampunkvehicles.tumblr is on a mission to post enormous amounts of railroad inspection cars. bravo!

the above gets my vote for most elegant inspection car... those couches look comfortable
 the above is the 1876 balloon car from Larkin st to Woodward's gardens, built by Henry Casebolt

get a look at the front windows, I think there are 6 tilting panels
 1910 or earlier is my guess, one big old tourer, comfortable too I bet.

portable turn table, because as I just recently learned from Steampunkvehicles, the darn cars only cool properly when the air is rushing in through the radiator in the proper direction

  I think the above and below are the same vehicle

 Above a Buick, below a Dodge


nice art piece in a shop window I walked by


License plates say a lot

 Only one... that's because no one else wanted one built. Not a bragging point
Nice, the classic colors on a modern Shelby stang... cool


The "All VW car show" in LaJolla today... about time LaJolla was the site of a car show!

this is the worst condition I've seen an Allstate one wheel trailer in, but it sure looks right at home behind the rusty bug 

  Cool method of hanging the license plate
 Harlequin Edition, yeah, who knew?
 great helmet

 Having a book made of your restoration, that is cool!

 this ashtray reminds me of the funny labels, the "Das Schmokegedunka " etc pidgen German

 this is funny... quite the sales pitch.

thanks to the organizer, Howard Singer,  for kick starting car shows in LaJolla, and to P.A. for spreading the word and letting people know it was happening


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