Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Check out the Car Gal's blog tomoorow for a great gallery of pumpkins carved and caricatured really well.


I bought a new car today, the sum of the car comparison I did over the past month. I bought the Hyundai Veloster

Just bought my Veloster today, After everything I'd posted already, just yesterday my phone rang and the dealership I'd called to see if they had what I wanted called me back after 2 or 3 days after telling me they couldn't locate the car I wanted, basics with stick shift, no sunroof, no upgraded option stereo, and in white. I called the dealership I was told about, GOScH Hyundai , from the info that Kearny Mesa Hyundai gave me, and Mark at GOScH went out, put his hands on it to verify that it had nothing but the color I wanted, and at 4 pm, I told him I'd be there when they opened to buy it.
I had the best dealership of the dozen I've been to this month, and they are one of the most remote... 15 miles from the 215 at the 15 215 split is the small town of Hemet.. 100 miles from where I live roughly, is GOScH Hyundai.
 Price of a coke is the lowest at 50 cents, of any dealership or any business I've been to in years. Nice people, Mark Link was my salesman, Paul is the manager. It took about 3 hours, and that's about typical in my 2 new car purchases this year, but I've never bought new cars before. No surprises, unlike San Diego's Courtesy Chevrolet in Mission Valley, who made mistakes, forgot paperwork, and I had to go back to to resign all the contract stuff.

Expect to spend about 2 thou over the window sticker, for the Teflon and interior treatment, extended warranty (tell them you'll only pay 1350, not 1650 for the 10 120k miles) and double check the way the rear auxiliary reflectors are mounted, one of mine isn't in correctly.

Here was something I've never heard of, put $500 down, and Hyundai will match that $500, and in effect, you'll see $1000 off the price. I've never heard of this before.

Also the Hyundai Assurance is something to the effect that if you lose your job, Hyundai will take it back...

The dealership cleaning/detailing has me upset, they weren't taking their time to do it right.. I'm talking about the front and side windows not getting fully swiped, you can see the missed areas.

Even with the lack of a perfect cleaning, I am still recommending GOScH Hyundai.

If you want to read other people's experiences with Hyundai and the Veloster, someone made a .org forum to get the word out that it's ridiculously difficult to buy the car in the options and colors you want 


Ramona High School Auto Shop car show and open house

 I've never seen a Duster, Chevelle, and Nova lined up like this before, never seen that the tail section has nearly the same profile design

Pretty cool to have a Car Of The Year magazine on the dash of your car, that won the comparison for it's year.

Just above the magazine is a 3 outlet air duct mounted to the dash... very well done!

 Great upholstery

Snap On gives students half off? Wow... gotta find a student to bribe into purchasing for me if I ever get rich enough to afford Snap On tools at 50% of normal rates


Pre war and brass era cars hitting a very old Autodrome banked track near Barcelona at slow speed

and for a bit more fun, in Budapest Hungary


inspired by Mad Max car chase scenes, they made cars similar looking for this music video

Puretone | Addicted To Bass | Music Video from Fastback Films on Vimeo.

PureTone made another video similar to the Italian Job
found on


Pre-1940 gas stations in the US

outside Hannibal Missouri, photo from
 Dassel Minnesota 1931
 Creston Iowa 1931
 Galena Kansas 1920

 Los Angeles 1938
 Weir Kansas
 Miami Florida 1941
 Belle Plaine Iowa 1917
 Sandford Iowa 1932
 Available for lease, in Portland Oregon, opened in 1939
Winston Salem North Carolina 1930
Found on who wanted the photo credits to go to the source he got them from,


Model A club on a Saturday morning ride


Saturday, 29 October 2011

1969 Dodge Charger R/T


1956 Karmann Ghia lowlight coupe, I'd never heard of the lowlight before... good looking

photos from

So what was the "Lowlight" ? typical smaller air intakes and the lower position of the headlight 1956-59


Don't let your teenage kids drive your freshly restored 1969 Chevelle if they have a cell phone. Take away one, either one, and save a cars good looks

Yes, his teenage son really was texting while driving, and ran into something. Tiny front tires with very little traction when panic stopping probably were a bad idea


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