Monday, 31 January 2011

Stone's Pig Garage rat rod, has some cool stuff to check out

Maybe a tractor grill, but I like it, and great placement of the headlights

Notice the horns on both sides of the firewall by the leading edge of the doors... cool.

Great interior, I was instantly admiring the radio, the antique fire extinguisher, speaker grill by the shifer base and those terrific seats made from 1960's lawn chairs

I admire any rat rod with a bottle opener and catch can

Great spare tool catch all tray

Semaphore! Love it! Check out the Sammy's Hot Rods once you click for full size

Dig the lettering and striping on the brake light, and the safe driving sign... awesome


cool hauler at the GNRS, I didn't get the info, but it's got a great vintage look, nice lines, and perfect colors

for photos of it from the 2011 Del Mar Goodguys


The Van-Go... cool, very cool, from the "Cars Not Culture" guru of Church magazine, Coby Gewertz

see another gallery at but for the awesome photography and "peg the meter" cool factor, check into


Cars are boring because people keep buying them. Please buy something more interesting! Here is a great video, for the 40 mpg Elantra


Holy S*** ! , tool innovations from firefighters, for firefighters. This rocks! Sharing great ideas for the benefit of all

Damn, this ought to be framed art (minus the extra set of earplugs)

Check out all the bitchin tools, modified, improvised, and uses you never thought of for common stuff, but firefighters have found work really good for propping open doors,keeping things in place, and misc simple things that have been proven to help in emergencies

Thanks to for the discovery!


I found another hilarious writer of automobile columns, here's an excerpt

Let's say you bought a Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon, with a 6.2-liter, 556-horsepower Corvette V8, six-speed manual transmission.... thundering through the quarter-mile in 11.9 seconds at 116 mph, according to my colleagues at Car and Driver, who do impeccable instrumented testing.

....this wagon is about as esoteric an automobile as you're likely to find. Statistically speaking, General Motors will sell exactly none of these cars, the Detroit equivalent of Zoroastrianism.

But if you did buy one, what would you do with it? You'd have a lot of options.

Such a car would be useful if you wanted to duck car-pooling duty or avoid field trips with the Cub Scouts, because no child emerging weepy and jelly-kneed from the back seats of this supercharged washing machine will ever want to get back in.

Perhaps you could put on demonstrations for the local high-school physics club, using the g-meter built into the car's instrument cluster to show exactly what more than 1 g of lateral acceleration feels like. It feels like a fat lady is trying to push you out the side window. Or if not physics, the Greek club, since like Antaeus the V-Wagon maintains an Olympian grip on the earth and draws strength from it. Maybe you could help out at the police training range, letting cadets chase you to improve their hot-pursuit driving skills. Then, having been completely demoralized, these plebes will quit to become firemen. The world needs firemen.

The only people who will want this car are people like me, dizzy enthusiasts and car lovers, but more than that: car reviewers. Car reviewers cycle in and out of dozens of new cars every year. We buy not, neither do we lease. And because of that, we can afford to fall in love with a snot-flinging rodeo bull like the V-Wagon (or cars like the now-defunct Dodge Magnum, the Audi RS6 Avant, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Estate or the Europe-only BMW M5 Touring). If we were spending our own money, we might reasonably ask why a station wagon needs to be faster than a mid-1990s Lamborghini.



Sunday, 30 January 2011

The car club made trophys to be awarded to the suede and chrome standout cars at the 2011 Grand National Roadster Show

Fan damn tastic mohawk on this skull, way cool curl on the front


"A Touch to Much" tribute truck to AC/DC... with working Marshall amp and smoke machine, and amazing airbrushed panels

Original designs include:
•A Sonor drum pedal for the accelerator
•Ahead drum sticks for turn signal and Tilt actuators
•Paiste cymbal for switch plate
•Roc N Soc drum thrones for seats
•Shure microphone head for shifter knob
•Coffin mic case for shifter console
•Gibson guitar knobs for door openers

The above airbrushed piece amazes me that is so perfectly recreates a cutting torch burning through the door panel from the inside

The key fob guitar pick, small detail, great idea

See other work by this artist, and better photos of this trucks panels at

The following designs are presently in varied stages of costruction:
•Highway Star / Smoke on the Water - our tribute to Deep Purple
•Nights in White Satin - our tribute to the Moody Blues
•Delicate Sound of Thunder - our tribute to Pink Floyd
•"NOTHING ELSE MATTERS" - tribute to Metallica

See a better gallery that focuses better on some of the features I missed


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