Sunday, 23 January 2011

Monster Truck Jam San Diego 2010, freestyle

The freestyle event is to get points by putting on the best show, the most tricks in 90 seconds

But going all out usually results in a flipped rig. This seems to be the point that most of the trucks get to, do a lot of cool stunts, then wreck in a spectacular way to get the most points (on a 1 to 10 scale)

The Batman truck put on a great show, but like Grave Digger, found that the area it landed in was a wreck magnet.

A coupel of photos to show how damaged the body became, but like the others, they all were able to get back to the sidelines under their own power

The Lucas Oil Crusader put on a hell of a great show, made more points than the previous trucks... but that was the trend. All along the trucks would get more points and put on a better show than the previous trucks, and it seems to me that the best drivers were going last, and the least experienced first. That is how the points resulted.

The above spin, it's called a cyclone... and when done perfect gets points, but one little mistake, and the driver is on his lid.

Lots more coverage to come, lots of videos to intersperse with these photos to show you the cool tricks they pulled off, the wheelies, the powerslides, and the cyclones


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