Sunday, 30 January 2011

Travis Perich's hot rod, great work and cool details

This was a common occurance, the looking and analyzing of the details Travis did to his interior

Don't know if you can make out the generator on the near side of the engine, but click on it for full size and check out the cooling scoops on it.

Completely digging the column mount... the huge wingnuts are sweet!

Not a vintage Stewart Warner speedometer, but I like it better than one that works, because who the hell needs to know just how fast you are going? You are getting a ticket or not.

Towards the bottom of the above photo are the two shifter levers, speed shifting made easy, the left one is reverse up, 1st gear down, then push it to the middle and slide your hand over to the right lever, and push it up for 2nd, down for 3rd. Easy, simple, very cool

Love the below fuel tank mount piece, the decorative piece below the cap, it's a theme carried throughout the car

I will need to ask, but it looks like the sides of the above brake light are turn signals... very cool innovation

I'm a sucker for an ammo can too
See it's build and more from Travis, at his blog


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