Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sand Dam and Superstition Mountain, 120 miles East of San Diego, a sand dune fun zone that is 75 degrees all winter

Above license plate is CU ON TOP and that really nails it, this Jeep was unstopable.

Looks like a stock ordinary truck

In the above photo, the red Jeep is strugling to get to the top of the sand hill, and the silver Jeep is just dominating the hill and rubbing it in the red Jeeps face that he hasn't got what it takes

Yup, ATV's aren't necsessarily going to get over the sand dunes, but Jeeps do

In the above photo, the ATV couldn't make it up the hill and had to back up and head back down
Defintive spinning your wheels and getting no where

Don't off road without several buddies that can help you out, tow you back, or toast your achievements with ice cold beer!,-115.671959&spn=0.23732,0.657806&t=p&z=12 is the link for the below map so you can navigate around if you'd like to see how to get there. has trail descriptions, topography maps, GPS coordinates etc

The jeep that is stuck is above the Green one.
Solution, the green jeep pulls the tan jeep back down. He sure wasn't going to progress up that dune

The red truck was stuck, and trying to pull him out got the silver truck stuck

Eventually they got team work synchronized and helped each other out

Click on the above to see the ATV rolling over it's rider. This is when some one thinks FAIL or takes photos to post on facebook. Not me, I post them here.

13th Annual Superstition Mountains Run
January 15-16, 2011

base camp will be along WHEELER ROAD at the base of the mountain. The ground is firm, level, and there is plenty of room for RV's and tents, however, there are no facilities of any sort. Pack it in, pack it out. The club will provide porta-potties. The terrain is desert, so bring firewood if you want a fire.

Directions to Supersititon from San Diego:
Go east on interstate 8 about 100 miles. Take the Dunaway exit and turn left (north). Turn right on S-80/Evan Hughes Hwy. Go 4.2 miles to Huff Rd. Turn left (north). The sign at Huff Rd is somewhat obscured by trees so watch closely for it. Follow Huff Rd. 6.2 miles to Wheeler Rd and turn left. Be careful to turn left on the 2nd Wheeler Rd that is paved.

Follow Wheeler Rd. about 7 miles past a couple of forks to the left. You will enter the Superstition Mtn OHV area after about 2 miles. After about five miles the road will turn to the right and you will be heading approximately due north. The main camping/registration area will be on your left.


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