Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Is this a good photoshop swap? Or a 2nd photo from a good photographer? It's a photoshopped VW over the Stang

AJ scoped it out, and noticed that the bug is not completely hiding the Mustang's front fender
Same exact setting as the bottom photo, and the Mustang is smaller than the VW so it's possible that the vw is photoshopped over the stang

This VW was photographed by Iris Antonio according to the sources of the photo I've found .. but like AJ pointed out, the but is a clever photoshop that didn't quite mask the Mustang

Thanks AJ! "The mustang fender top is still visible in the VW "photo".


there is integral coolness in VW's... but it takes some work to make it show

The above is written up here:


Ever wonder how safe the roads are when old people can't see over the steering wheel? How safe can they drive when looking between the spokes?

Did you notice it's a right hand drive car? WTH?

It's not just me is it? The steering wheel sure looks to be in front of the short one.
Sorry for the lousy quality, but cell phone cameras still aren't as good at long distance shots through back windows as a camera


Anyone know what the red letter "I" are about?

maybe these are just some new "thing" like the "Obey" photos of Andre the giant that were put up everywhere around San Diego


Sidecars and Munsters, what's not to enjoy?



Want to join a motorcycle gang, but not sure where to find the right one? Ken at did the research for you (funny)

Are you a proud Jewish biker? We've got you covered. Got a mean streak and hail from the great island nation of New Zealand? You'll find like-minded friends below. Love to do good deeds and can rattle off every entrée at The Olive Garden? We've found you a home.

Browse each group and find the one that best suits you. Direct links to each club are provided so you can start working on your application ASAP.

There are the Granny's only, the Samurai only, the East Bay Dragons (blacks only Harleys only), South Korean, Native American, (Nuns) sisters of the Muskegon Motorcycle gang, the Hillel's Angels (Jewish only), Black Power MC in New Zealand (Maori only), the Australian Notorious (Muslim only)

It's a good read, and often funny:


Frank in the Netherlands needed help identifying this car, what make model and year? knew immediately what it was! Power of the WWW!!

It has a unique hood ornament that isn't in the Hood Ornament ID Guide

Chris knew exactly what this was

Hi Jesse,
The mystery car on your blog is a ’39 Matford. The Matfords were a joint venture between French maker Mathis and Ford. They came with either V-8/60 or V-8/85 power. I think this one would’ve been a 60 car. There are photos of other Mathis cars that have a more ornate grille. Those probably got the 85s. How I know this shit, I have no idea.


’38 was very similar

Here’s a shot of the ’37 ornament:


Monday, 29 November 2010

The tires and rims display area at SEMA, the stuff that captured my attention

Hands free tire mounting! This isn't the only one on the market, but it was the first I've sever seen

This tire seat is comfortable too!

The yellow and red rims are interesting, I haven't seen any 2 spoke rim before... I wonder about the balance

The above was particularly impressive, good concept for a display

If you have balanced tires, like I have, you'll probably appreciate the full range of all the weights this company displayed. Myself, I'm impressed.

This is one bitchin display wall

The lever in the below photo has a nail welded to it, and any passerby gets to puncture the tire as many times as they want to prove to themselves how perfectly inflated the tire remains.


Clever advertising from Pirelli


Shirts that caught my eye at SEMA


Sunday, 28 November 2010

SEMA had hot rod builders Pinewood Derby cars built for racing bragging rights, and then auctioned for Childhelp & Victory Junction Camp charities


If you wanted to impress everyone at the evening car cruise, this oughta work, color shifting LEDs under the car and under the hood

For best viewing, let the whole page load, then use your slide (far right of your screen) to slide through all of these photos to see what it looked like in person

For the company that makes the lighting system


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