Friday, 1 June 2012

if you want to save money on car insurance with Geico, switch to Allstate or AAA

back in 2008 I got the same car insurance coverage levels on the same car, by about 8 different car insurance companies, and Allstate and AAA came in very close to the same costs, and I got fed up with listening to the Geico ads, the ones that keep repeating how you "COULD" save UP TO 430 dollars by switching from your car insurance company... you've probablly heard it to, on radio, TV, internet pop ups, magazine full page ads, etc etc. All that advertising costs them so much, they charge more to their customers so the profit isn't hit.

I just got a quote from
AAA for $970 every 6 months,
Geico for $1030 every 6 months

And Allstate charges me $812

Now, I mentioned that AAA and Allstate charge about the same, but the above numbers are about 180 dollars apart... well, everyone seems to do one thing or another to sweeten their deal, and AAA has a dividend check, and Allstate has the customer loyalty discount, plus decreasing deductible discount, and all that stuff.

So with those factors removed, AAA and Allstate charge about the same.

the 2008 comparison is here:  and I don't have the time tonight to get quotes from the rest of those companies to see how they've compared after 4 years, but you'll notice the difference between Allstate and Geico has doubled. 


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