Friday, 15 June 2012

nicest compliment of the week

Subject line: Amazing

 Hi Jesse,
Congratulations on an awesome site.
After I read the other guy's compliment this morning I felt ashamed for not passing this compliment earlier.

 I have been a follower of yours for about two months now. When I was a young boy I could not get enough of foreign car magazines, I got addicted and hence I am now a fully committed and and incurable "Autphobian" and proud of it.

 In the morning I cannot wait to see what new and interesting stuff you placed. I admire and respesct you for your taste and maturity of pictures and articles.

Cars promote themselves not half-naked women, I can show people what I am looking at without being ashamed. Well done.

Since reading and looking at everything you cover, it sparked the inner-child with creativity. Am I the only guy that builds cars and rods and put plans together when others are sleeping? Nope, it is not sleeplessness; I call it "The Creative Mode".

I live in South Africa, Gauteng Province. I have been selling cars for the last 28-years and been a car guy for the last 57. When I see old cars rotting away it takes a chunk out of my heart.

The pictures you placed of the elephant flipping the car happened in November 2011 at the Pilansberg Game Reserve close to the famous Sun City Hotel and Casino. No one was injured, but what a story to tell the insurance...........on top of it all I think it was a rental.
Wishing you luck,
 Keep up the good work.
 Kind regards,

 Pieter Neveling


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