Wednesday, 18 April 2012

To Valet, or Not to Valet... it's not a question. Don't. Here is one example, if you didn't get it when you watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off

The approximately $400,000 pileup reportedly happened when a valet drove a Maserati into -- and under -- a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which crashed into a Mini Cooper and a vintage Porsche 356.

The Epic Hotel in downtown Miami witnessed an epic crash involving expensive cars on Friday night. Onlookers revealed a Maserati Gran Turismo spiraled out of control and crashed into a number of cars.

I think before I hand over the keys to my car, I'm going to make sure the valets are bonded, licensed, and insured by some company that is fast with paying off damage claims.

police found the valet driving the Maserati ‘was coming down a parking garage ramp too fast, lost control, and drove his luxury sports car right under the SUV’
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