Sunday, 22 April 2012

Super Bees at the Mopars at the Strip 2012

 Super Bees, the 1969 model, was another Mopar with 4 or 5 factory options for the hood. This is the "Power bulge" and of course a flat hood was a choice, so was the dual scoops, and the lift off flat balck fiber glass hood for the 440 six pack Bee
 This has the rare side scoops, which are something to consider, for when ordering, the buyer chose the side scoops at cost, but not the hood scoops. Odd.

 I think they may have removed the vinyl top and painted it white... I may be wrong, but Painted tops of different colors were infinitely rare, though I've seen one documented case of a car with a black roof... and the trim at the split from roof to quarter panel makes me think it had vinyl once.
 Damn good looking in yellow and black. Good choice of rims too
 Way over kill on the hood pins there sparky. Why two extra in front of the scoop? And horrible choice in painting the front bumper body color... yuck

see how good the rear bumper looks? Chrome or black are fine, but that yellow front bumper is atrocious


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