Wednesday, 25 May 2011

26 yr old Kyle Busch... Nascar Sprint Cup driver, in serious danger of losing his regular drivers lisense for 128 in a 45 in South Carolina

His nickname "Wild Thing"..., his crime? Nearly 3 times the speed limit.

Careless and reckless driving plus speeding. His wife was in the car with him.

On two lane Perth Road near Troutman, N.C. in a yellow 2012 Lexus LFA sports car, unregistered, still a dealership supercar he was loaned by Toyota-Lexus.

A very special supercar by Lexus, a 552-horsepower LFA coupe that began production in December with a very serious price tag of $375,000. Just 22 of them have been delivered so far to U.S. customers, with 500 examples planned worldwide.

Really? (as they say on Saturday night live) You really had to find the top speed of a Lexus?

If convicted, Busch can lose his license for up to a year and face $1,000 in fines.

"I was test driving a new sports car and I got carried away," Busch explained. "I went beyond the speed I should have been going on a public road."

Kyle is already on Nascar probation for infamous rule 12-4-A, "actions detrimental to stock car racing," from the Darlington incident with Kevin Harvick (Harvick climbing out of his car to take a swing at Busch who stayed in his car. Harvick's ends up crashing into a wall) , but NASCAR decided Busch's speeding on a 2 lane at a splinter under 3ximes the posted limit didn't fall afoul of that rule... could it be that to link this incident to that would possibly result in a loss of championship points?

Near that area several other notable people have died in higher speed collisions.

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