Wednesday, 9 May 2012

one of 3 Corvettes of Briggs Cunningham's LeMans team of 1960, they won first in class with this trio

 how about this gauge cluster... why not make them this way from the factory? it's what the racers wanted, and isn't it what a sports car owner wants too?

 Anyone know about this unusual speedometer? With a clock on the inside... I don't recall ever seeing a 70mph speedometer before in a sports car, ditto ever seeing a speedometer with a clock in it. I've seen tachs and clock combos... anyway, odd gauge, if you know what the info on it is, please share.

 cool little light to illuminate the car number
 Patina on the lettering.

Below is what another of the trio looked like. Thought you'd like to compare them.
just this last photo from


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