Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Great Gatsby movie has some of the most extravagant 1920's cars throughout the movie

 The reliance on CGI for all the vehicle scenes is obvious in these screen captures from the trailer, but not as noticeable when watching it all in motion

Dennis points out soon after I posted this, that the yellow car prominently featured as Gatsby's is a 1929 Duesenburg model J. Good choice of cars, too bad it's out of the movie's timeline

As the trailer states very early, the setting is New Jersey, 1922... but the movie makers didn't stick to pre 1922 cars. Since they included so many cool vehicles from the 20's, I'm going to compliment the marvelous looking vehicles they included without telling them what a gross blunder all us car types are going to notice when we see newer than 1922 models. 


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