Sunday, 20 May 2012

1933 Morgan Matchless Super Sport, was another unusual animal to drive

"Operating the Morgan--one hesitates to say driving, much less riding--is an acquired skill. Left-hand-and-foot shifting like an old Harley, right-foot breaking like a new Venture, steering like a go-kart. And the throttle cable length somehow varies with steering wheel position, so the engine speeds up on right turns, slows to the left.

 "So the three-wheel Morgan is different, and so what? To see one at full song--brass radiator gleaming, pipes crackling, the exposed rocker arms thrashing away, the pilot deftly twirling the controls while reveling in an excuse to wear a World War I Flying Ace helmet and goggles--is to know the three-wheeler's time never quite came, and will never go away."

wow, interesting, and well written! Totally swiped from a new blog that has a lot of my attention and I will be posted a quick look at in a bit


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