Thursday, 17 May 2012

Proud new owners of Harleys, photos taken in the 40's or 50's I think, found by Bill who looks for cool old photos in color slides

If anyone knows what years these are, please help me out, email me at or use the comment function.

If anyone knows of a good Harley visual ID guide to the bikes or the tank transfers / emblems / badges please send me a link or the photo or what ever. It seems like someone online must have posted a poster, page from a parts guide, or someting.

if I make this last one out correctly, it's a 1936-1939 because of the tank transfer (water transfer used to be a sticker type) 

the following are the only things I could find quickly, and they don't seem to be big enough to be useful
 the above is one page from the 1930-1941 spare parts book for Harley's that I posted a couple years ago

this last poster is available to purchase from All Poster, and so they won;t post a big image online


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