Monday, 28 May 2012

Cool things found in the blog "Progress is fine, but it's gone on for too long"

 Beer run! Filling up belly tanks with beer for the guys that just stormed the beach at Normandy
 probably looks like any old tank at first, but then, did you see that there are 4 tracks? Not the usual two

 Peter Sellers

 yup, it's a real Bugatti, factory racer
 amphib plane, stored in a hanger because getting it flying would take 2 fortunes and a winning mega millions lotto ticket
the 1936 Henderson before the restoration
 a new image of the Count de Sakhnoffsky designed been truck, and this is a info card that was handed out at the trucks display... front above, and the reverse side below . For the gallery:

 terrific album cover art

 the cat tracks added onto the tractor give it so much more traction
a wheel pattern only used on Canadian trains, it looked familiar to me, and I remembered the train at the Nethercutt museum

For the write ups of these photos, and so much more, including tools, munitions factories, Canadian museums, great things that were made in US and Canada, and extremely researched written descriptions of inventors and inventions:


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