Thursday, 3 May 2012

miscellaneous things that caught my attention at Mopars at the Strip 2012

 that bottom switch... awesome

 at just the right angle, none of the dashboard instruments show, and it looks pretty good just black and blank

 looks NOS... I wonder if any spare tires out there have ever lasted without ever being used a single time

 serious drag racer tow vehicle... with gaskets on the dash, and many years of attendance decals

 either a Demon, or a 72 Dart. Same body, different taillights. Never seen one with louvers punched in the hood though

 weird to see a 68 Coronet with a nose that more closely resembles a Road Runner

 GTX did not have hood scoops like this from the factory, they should have, these 69 -72 Mopar hood scoops look really good. I don't think it had hood pins either, they look great too!

 This was my confirmation that I was going the right way... on your first time to some place you've never been before, it's pretty nice to have a good indication


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