Thursday, 3 May 2012

least expensive and very competitive way to get into vintage racing like the Mille Miglia, Le Mans Classic, and Targa Florio... or car events like the Grand National Roadster Show, a '29 Chrysler model 77 Le Mans Roadster

for less than $100,000, this Chrysler will get you access to the word's best historic rallies, races and tours and provide you with one of the most reliable, competitive and beautiful pre-war vehicles ever built!

This Chrysler is able to out perform and certainly able to out-brake the similar era Bentley, Alfa and Bugatti's with incredible reliability and simplicity and it does so at less than 1/10th the price!

Unlike the significantly more expensive Bentley-Bugatti-Alfas of the day, the Chrysler 77 featured full-four-wheel, self adjusting, double leading-shoe hydraulic brakes, both front and rear.  The front axle is tubular and under-slung giving both excellent handling and impossibly good braking that the owner's of the other three mentioned machines only dream about having!  This Chrysler "show-room" ready racer also features simple but full weather protection as well as a sporting, full-folding front wind-screen and an extremely user-friendly, four-speed gearbox rather than the compromising three-speed units usually found on many of the other machines of this era.

In short, this is an all "matching numbers" completely documented, rust and accident free, road-race-car that can be driven every day in the "rear world," toured with and rallied as well as raced competitively in the finest events world-wide.

And it's in need of a new home, 

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