Friday, 11 May 2012

FYI, I can't reply with answers to your questions if you don't include your email

hat is insane know where i can get body panels and a bed for an '82?

on 5/10/12

 Wow. Seriously. The cars that you have posted on here are unreal! They're so cool. I really want to invest in something like this when I get enough money. Speaking of money, how much does a car like this cost? Do you buy cars like this at car dealers, or do you have to buy them from specialty shops?

on 5/10/12

These are just two comments that have questions that won't get answered in the comment section.. or direct. Because I have no idea if these guys are ever going to go back to that post, look in the comments, and read my answer... and you can see that they didn't include their emails with their questions, and they didn't include their emails in their blogger profiles.

Seriously? Who is so worried about getting an email that they protect their email address? All you have to do is click delete on unwanted emails ya know. I do it every day because I get spam, don't we all get spam? 


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