Sunday, 1 January 2012

Red Bull brings in the new year, Levi LaVallee broke his own world record for distance jumped on a snowmobile by launching 412 feet


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LaVallee jumped alongside Robbie Maddison, who unofficially broke the world record for distance jumped on a motorcycle during practice for Saturday night's event. Maddison said he jumped 392 feet during practice but during the live event, he came up just short of the 391-foot record, landing at 378 feet, 9 inches.

After working out the details of their individual approaches, the pair sailed through the air, in synchronistic fashion, jumping over 300 feet of water from the North to the South at the Embarcadero Marina Park. Robbie Maddison was leading at about 110 mph with Levi LaVallee gaining, as if in the draft, at maybe 120 mph.

And that is about it for news coverage of this spectacle event. Not like its a heavy news day around the world, but basically no one but ESPN and Ultimate Motorcycling were there and reporting about it today

Maddison kick-started the Red Bull series in 2007 by jumping his motorcycle 322 feet in Las Vegas. The following year, he jumped onto and then off the 96-foot high scale version of the Arc de Triomphe at Paris Las Vegas.

Maddison has jumped the 279-foot wide Corinth Canal in Greece, at a height of more than 300 feet above the water, and did a no-handed back flip over the open span on London’s Tower Bridge.
Tere found a great video compilation of the past new years eve Red Bull jumps!


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