Sunday, 15 January 2012

The least anyone ever paid for a Ferrari GTO: £750

 A very famous collector, who has one of the finest noses for sniffing out a deal, hears a whisper that the first James Bond Aston Martin DB5 may be for sale. This is back in the day. 
The word is that for the right money, the original James Bond car can be bought directly from the movie studio. So he makes a few calls, he tracks down the production guy, the one who can price and sell, and the guy says: “It’s gonna have to be 15 for the pair.”
“You mean there are two?”
“Hey man, this is showbusiness, there’s always two… at least.”
“But 15 for the pair,” says our man. “I wasn’t counting on spending that much and I don’t really want two – I just want one.”
“Well, that’s the deal. Take it or leave it.”
Fifteen thousand pounds – a lot of money now, a load of money then. Our hero hesitates for a moment, but his nose knows better. It tells him to deal, deal now. He buys the cars.
The cash is to be paid on delivery of both vehicles. The day arrives, the trailer pulls up, the cars roll off. The invoice reads: "Fifteen HUNDRED Pounds". 
Yes friends, both original Bond cars for £1,500, but it doesn’t end there. Be prepared to run to the hills screaming. 
Our man then swaps one of the Bond cars for a GTO. That’s a GTO for £750. That’s the cheapest GTO ever and... he still has it today.


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