Saturday, 14 January 2012

Nick Mason, car collector, famous drummer of Pink Floyd, is going racing again, New Zealand's International Vintage Car Rally

The 67-year-old British rock star and car collector will be at the Manfeild circuit on January 21.

He will drive a rare 1934 Alfa Romeo GT and a Gulf-GT40 Ford in two races that form part of the New Zealand International Vintage Car Rally, which begins in Whanganui on January 17.

Nick Mason has five Le Mans' 24-Hour races under his belt and a genuine GT40 amongst his large personal collection of classic racing cars. I've just overhauled and updated my post about Nick's collection :

The rally was expected to generate $12 million and attract in excess of 30,000 people - one of the biggest events Whanganui has ever hosted.

Mason is an original member of Pink Floyd, and the only member to feature on every one of their albums


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