Monday, 16 January 2012

Bellytankers I've photographed, but just learned about.. the Scandanavian, the Old Crow, and the Bean Bandit's bellytankers
owned by Eric Hansson of Huntington Beach
200 cu in 4cyl, 320 HP, blown, Ford toploader, Ohlins coilovers on lever arms, rollbars, rack and pinion steering and Wilwood brakes
set a record in blown gas streamliner
the tank is a P-38 first built in 1952
Owned by Bobby Green
Old Crow Speedshop, Burbank
Period correct 1940's and 50's speed equipment
18 in Kelsey Hayes accessory disc wheels, B Block,
won 5 records, vintage 4 cyl engine classes on gas and alcohol
Ardun heads
holds two records, one at El Mirage, one at Bonneville

this post was insprired by Street Rod Premium, Winter 2012 issue who did a feature on bellytankers, pages 21 through 32
another bellytanker they featured in this article is Fred LoBellos


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