Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Kelly is curious about cars in her family's really old photo albums, can anyone identify these cars? If so, please use the comment function, or email me directly so I can thank you proper, and credit the correct people!

Nancy and Dennis were first to respond with "The first one is a home built body, not sure of the make. Second, both are post war GM, one in back is '47 Chevy. Third and fourth, '47 Chevrolet Fleetmaster and it was Easter. Fifth, definitely not a Ford! Might be a Plymouth. Last is a '41 Ford Super Deluxe with a lot of aftermarket accessories. Fog lights, bumper ends, headlight visors, spotlight, radio antenna on fender (stock is above windshield)."

 I think the car on the right is the same as the car below in the front, and rear view photos. Tom says the car on the left looks like a 41 Chev
 Just a guess that the above and below are the same car
Robert commented "2nd pic, car on the left looks like a 41 Chevy, the 4th pic looks like a 37 Plymouth"
 above is likely older than 1937, that is the year Fords started putting the headlights half into the fenders
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I'm pretty sure the bottom one is a 1940 Ford Super Delux


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