Friday, 3 February 2012

Dean Weller turns old automobile parts and sheet metal into works of art in this 1918 Model T Garage

 Not open to the public, but located in DeSoto Kansas, the sign in the window says Grandpas Garage and Body Shop. Dean is a grassroots artist and retired 31 years ago, but he has been creating nearly a vehicle a year 
 you can possibly read the front license plate, 1912 Mercer raceabout, but it's a replica, and everything except the lights ,was handmade by Dean on the frame and drivetrain of a 1930 Pontiac. Only 20 originals exist.
 1932 Buick model 66S 4 passenger special coupe - straight 8
 the yellow boat tail once was a '47 chev truck hood
 Above, 1921 Model T pie wagon
read about this automotive artist and restorer at


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