Monday, 27 February 2012

I met a rare woman yesterday. A beautiful woman who is interested in classic cars, so much that she is making a wiki website about them. Do you have any idea how rare that is?

If you feel as I do, that the more people interested and sharing online, the better... stop by her site and drop your email in her notification list to learn when they launch.

If you have spent time like I have at car shows, you'll agree that women are rarely interested in the classics. Christine was photographing an old Aston Martin when I first saw her (hard to believe I look at people at a Concours event huh?!?!)  and of course I'm a blunt but interested person, and I was really damn curious why a beautiful young woman was wearing a media badge, and photographing the brass era Benz of Barney Oldfield, and the brass era Packard... so I (hopefully not rudely) said pardon my interruption, but in general women aren't interested in classics, and beautiful women even more rarely care so much about them, that they are media covering car show events... what is your media outlet?

And she let me know that she is launching . Huh. How about that?


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