Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Big Daddy Don Garlits Swamp Rat special edition 1995 Dodge Truck, only 180 made, only 15 on the west coast, here's the best of them, only 36k miles

This is number 128 of 180, they were mostly ordinary trucks that went to Mark 3 that put in upgraded interior, and the decals. All of the Garlits specials got the swamp rat waving the flag on the quarter panel, but few or no others got the flames on the front fenders. They came with the 360 Magnum, and a 4 barrel. 220 Hp, Mike wanted more, and upgraded with headers, and nitrous.
This is number 128 of the 180, and yup, it's for sale, because Mike is getting a Cadillac truck with the Corvette engine.
This is the 3rd I've found in San Diego, the others didn't have the flames of course.


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