Monday, 5 March 2012

Thanks to my brother Mick, who saved my computer illiterate self!

Someone hacked my Gmail account and changed my password.

Once you don't have your password, there is about nothing you can do except waste time cursing Google for not  doing anything to help.

Google has a phone number

They don't have anyone answering it. The first two option on the phone tree are for websites and cached Google result pages.

Option 3 is " customer service" and then the recording tells you that all you really need is to go to and get help there.

Believe me, there is nothing Google is doing to help with you getting hacked in their computers, with their Gmail system. No customer service, even though you pay for Android software for many phones, Droid phones, with Verizon and T-Mobile... will tell you frequently if your password gets hacked, and you don't have access to the password.

Your phone will remind you.

Droid marketplace... needs your password. Blog.... needs your gmail password to allow you to access you blog.

When you get hacked, and someone changes your password? You are so screwed. No more blog, no more droid apps in the marketplace, and your email contacts, and all your emails, and all your blog content... no longer are in your control.

As a friend, I don't have a lot to offer for advice. Try to get a backup of all your blog content so you can start over if you have to. Change your password to the hardest damn thing to hack you can imagine, then do that every month or so. I don't know if that will work, I just changed my password a month ago, and it was hacked and changed. No idea why, I can't see a thing that has been done. Good thing that the credit card I had used for years expired in January, and the number no longer works, because if any credit card info exists in any of my accounts with Google, it's that one. And annually they automatically charge me for storage of the photos on my blog

Get Mick to do whatever the hell he did to make that password reset happen. Oh, yeah, it wouldn't send a text SMS (whatever an SMS is) to my phone, a Droid (google software) with password help... because it had the wrong phone number.

I didn't give it the wrong phone number. Now that I have control of my gmail account again, it won't save my correct phone number. I don't hate Google, that would  be pointless. I just detest companies that are entwined in my email, phone, and blog, and don't have a phone number they answer, and they don't have an email address they will respond to. 


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