Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Honorable mention in Hover Motor Co blogspot's weekly Thursday Drive By

For the Thursday Drive-By this week, we’re traveling around the blogosphere in search of entertaining and informative car stories. From vintage photos by Hemmings and Stylish Kustoms, to salvage cars at Amos Auto Enthusiast, there is a whole world of cool stuff out there just waiting to be discovered. Here are five links that you should check out when you have a few extra minutes. Oh, and tell ‘em Hover Motor Company sent ya’

You know one of my favorite things to do here is visit a local car show and post pictures from it. Well, there are other blogs out there that do more-or-less the same thing. One of those is Just a Car Guy, where you’ll find a variety of automotive stories and pictures. The latest coverage is from the Temecula Rod Run in Temecula, Calif. As I look at the Auburn Speedster and the various hot rods in this photo set, it really gets me in the mood for the upcoming car show season here in Kansas City.

I looked up the author of this blog,  Craig Hover, he is the Kansas City Automotive Examiner author, and  promoter of I-70 Speedway, and worked at Heartland Park Topeka and Lakeside Speedway. Craig has been an ISCA judge, an editor for several automotive publications, and an analyst for The Automobile Red Book. 


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