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The RP-4, dual supercharged big blocks, dual props - contra rotating variable pitch props

built by Eric Hereth, master machinist, fabricator and welder, built all components of this remarkable aircraft from scratch, with the exceptions of engine long blocks, wheels, and hydraulic components. Jerry Baer assisted in all phases of construction. The RP-4 is the brainchild of David Rose

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

More in the odd animals pulling carts that I've posted, there were zebra, a rhino, dogs, sheep, and ostrich... now here are Moose carts


Starting July 1st, solo drivers of hybrid cars in California will see their special pass to the car pool lane disappear.

85,000 were issued to hybrids. Prius and Honda Civic and others.
Since 2004, hybrid owners with a special permit were allowed entry into California’s High-Occupancy-Vehicle (HOV) lanes even when driving alone. 

The special yellow key-shaped decals that denoted access quickly became a must-have for traffic-weary hybrid owners, and added up to $1,500 to the resale value of the hybrid that sported one against its more mundane siblings.

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Why is it called a dashboard?

What we know as dashboards, not the one on your computer, in cars- are evolved from the early dashes in horse carriages and buggys. The dash board was the boards or material dropcloth that kept the horses back feet from splashing mud and muck onto the driver and carriage... the carriages became motorized and the dashboards were the best place for the first gauges, so the dashboards became the instrument panels
from the above splash guard behind the horse, to


fire engine loses a tire, that rolls away, and tackles a taxi


Munsters and pinups from Oldschoolking33

Awesome damn couch. Pistons and conrods for couch legs


What the? Ever seen long upswept headers like these? I haven't

weedburners I get, but the 3 cars with zoomies up to the drivers head height.... never seen them before


EARLY bikini car wash... more like one piece swimsuit car wash, but that really doesn't grab attention


Batgirls motorcycle and the catmobile

ridiculous props, but somehow that generation loved the Batman tv show.


Dirty ol men need love too... it's what the rear spoiler has written, but is that why she's hanging around the race car?


Monday, 29 August 2011

SIDSY (sorry I didn't see you) leading cause of motorcyclists getting hurt. Stay vigilant my friends

both of these are from


"Not in the Bike Lane" another Public Service announcement from Casey

In a nutshell, Casey was ticketed by NYPD for not riding in the bike lane, and he made this video to prove that the bake lane isn't safe, because NYPD doesn't enforce the laws that are in place to keep the bike lane free of obstructions, constructions, cop cars, trash cans, etc etc. Bravo Casey!


No chain. An exercise in expensive rolling art, not really comfortable to ride, or affordable.. but it's eyecatching

different seats and tire sizes

The inner city bike was designed by JRUITER + studio as a project asking questions about ultra short inner city travel. What is needed, who is riding, and how far are they going.

As it evolved, the design triggered a shift in time, spurring the questions, “Is there an opportunity to change a timeless product?” “Can we go back and try something new?”

The inner city bike rethinks what a “frame” is, getting rid of basic key components, and creating a new type of urban bicycling.

The positives are easy quick turns, huge power to the rear wheel to go over curbs and up hills, and great start / stopping / sitting situations.


new innovation in bicycle innertubes, Michelin Protek Max

The company's Protek Max tube not only contains a sealant, but is designed to compress when punctured to assist the self-sealing process.  Thanks to its uneven design, the MICHELIN Protek Max has a "compression" reaction in the event of piercing or nipping (the hole closes up naturally) whereas a classic inner tube has an "extension" reaction (balloon effect). The self plugging effect is increased by adding the sealant at the origin.

The two things you'll notice about the Protek is that it has a square cross-section, and funny little bumps on its surface. The square shape helps align it within the tire casing and against the rim well, which Michelin says eases mounting and eliminates the twisting problems that can occur with traditional sausage-shaped tubes.

When the tube is fully inflated within the tire, its textured surface causes the rubber to compress instead of expand when under pressure. This means that the internal air pressure actually closes holes off, giving the sealant a better chance at taking care of them for good.

The tubes also are claimed to hold air longer – when tested against Michelin's self-sealing AIRSTOP tube, the Protek was said to maintain proper pressure for twice the amount of time. Text from t


Recent barnfinds recently located, a Briggs Cunningham C3 and the Ak Miller "Caballo II"

Tom Cotter found a 1952 Cunningham, the 1952 Vignale bodied 2nd prototype of Cunninghams 25 C3s in Greenville South Carolina

Tom Shaughnessy found the Caballo II:  the 1957 Kurtis 500X "El Caballo II", built with a 354 Hemi power, a Frank Kurtis-built chassis, and an aluminum body.

Above image is the Caballo II during the Mille Miglia, found on the H.A.M.B.


Sunday, 28 August 2011

great race car photos from the 1960's on eknude.tumblr

Watkins Glen 1957. Briggs Cunningham Jaguar D-Types.
see many more at


great photos from 5 Window

see more cool photos at


Iconic Racing prints by Mr Shabba!


Hungarian made cars, the 1907 Dedics and the 1961 Patjas


A good article "I wouldn't test drive a Lincoln for $50"

Read this amusing look at what a problem Lincoln is in, and why Bill didn't take them up on the 50 dollar payout to test drive a Lincoln.


Saturday, 27 August 2011

the art cars of Stephnane Halleux, Stephane Halleux, exhibits from September 11, 2011 to January 8, 2012 at "La Maison d'Ailleurs" Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland


Friday, 26 August 2011

For a fun 1980's street racing movie about a high schooler with a blown 350 Chevelle and a need to raise money betting on his wining the races, watch "Catch Me If You Can" on youtube, because it's no where else

 The movie starts with the guy racing a 73 Duster,  

 Then having to try his Chevelle against local senior talent, the Sandman. The Sandman was played by an incredibly long working guy, Bob Minor, who has been doing movie and tv stunts and stunt coordinator work since 1970. He's worked in lots of the blaxploitation movies, and Starsky and Hutch, Kojak, Magnum PI, Boyz in the Hood, Die Hard 4, Conspiracy Theory, Oceans 11, The Italian Job and many more.

 The Sandman couldn't make the curve when the cops started chasing the streetracers, and wiped out
 then the guy has several races against some cool cars, and keeps winning.
And with his confidence at an all time high, he then takes a high stakes bet with the local gangster loan shark, the Fatman, that he can beat the gangters driver, the rotton crook gangster fixes the race with a ringer who destroys the Chevelle, and the high schooler loses his mony.

in a desperate attempt to win double or nothing, the kid bets he can beat the local street racing legend "Fast Freddy" 's historically famous high speed run from Minneapolis to St Paul. Surpise polt twist, the kids High School Principl was Fast Freddy, and the 57 Chev that made that race is buried under the football field, ready to get vengeance against the gangster

The high school auto shop class gets the 57 Chev race ready, and pulls off the first water soluble paint job in a movie I ever saw. Also the first example of the one car gets chased into a building by cops, but lots of identical cars leave, and the cops can't track the right car... trick. Mix them together and a red car goes in but leaves a car wash blue with a flamejob, among a dozen other cars or various colors

This movie is fun, but never going to get put on DVD, there just isn't a demand for 1980's high school action street racing movies. The VHS is so rare, the one guy who has them on Amazon, wants $170 dollars.

I hate price gougers, so I'm telling all of you you can watch it free on You Tube. The quality isn't sharp, but neither was 1980's tv and movie resolution.

For part one: then just look on the righ hand sidebar for hte related videos, parts 2 and 4... 3 has been deleted


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