Saturday, 20 August 2011

railroad inspection cars and special back plate rims so regular vehicles could ride on the rails easier

 That is pretty smart, as long as the car has exactly the right width of a footprint between the tires

 The above is a Lincoln model L, a more luxurious railcar than most
 pedal powered rail inspection car... the exercise it would take to push this 100 pound rail riding machine would be a lot... consider that bicycles are talked about in ounces... and that's because of the energy it requires ot keep them moving for long distances
 a very early track car, that has a good size spot light and bell
another mobile turntable to get inspection cars turned around for the trip home. ( This summer I learned they couldn't make the trip in reverse in the case they didn't drive far enough to find a rail house with a full size turntable, because (of course) the radiator has to be ahead of the car in the direction of travel to correctly cool the engine)
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