Sunday, 20 November 2011

inventive display of cargo containers and race cars at the Ford Racing area at SEMA

I'm not sure what the info is on the above car is, but Steve came through again! With the scoop from history (damn, he is GOOD!) the info is that this is the only car that Henry ever raced himself (hard to believe he never was in the drivers seat in another race!) and he beat Alexander Winton (Winton motor cars) known as the most successful and best racer of his day and here: 
It's known as the Ford Sweepstakes, because with the $1000 winnings from the race, Ford was in the money to get a business started
the riding mechanic was Spider Huff  
 This is the 67 GT500 Shelby Mustang that they are raffling off, you have to buy tickets to get a chance to win. is an "Enter to win" a 1967 Shelby GT 500 and 2012 Ghelby GT 500, and both were at the Ford Racing area at SEMA but you have to go to their website and buy tickets

 These Fiestas from mlast year are not representative of what you can buy from Ford Racing, as the Fiesta is now only available in a 4 dr. They didn't point that out though. Why they went away from the small 2 door is a mystery I've not heard any press releases about. Now in 2012 the only Ford you can buy in a 2 door is the Mustang, or trucks.


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